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We are streetwear chatbot marketplace
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We are a chatbot-based marketplace that acts as a shopping assistant. We serve our end-users with the best sneakers and sportswear available online, via a chat on the messenger. We generate high-quality traffic and channel it to our retail partners, to help them grow the business and sales. Thanks to our technology, everyone can access deelethebot in their messenger, no additional software needed!

Catch deals up to -60%
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Giving our customers access to legit clothing from global brands

If you are sportswear retailer:

Partner with us and increase your sales

We are the marketing tool for online retailers, working in the field of streetwear, sportswear, and casual fashion. Our goal is to provide businesses with more high-quality traffic to their online stores, so they can increase their sales and up-sell the items.

We can brag about the high-quality website traffic that we offer. Our conversion rate fluctuates between 81-86 % There is no other performance marketing tool or SEM strategy that offers you such great results.

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New sales channel

We have built a very innovative technology, that allows us to use messengers as a frontend for sales. Our clients can access the marketplace via the most popular apps they already have installed. No barrier entry, just a very new shopping experience, directly in the messenger.

High-quality traffic

We are the experts in performance marketing and user experience. We deliver high-quality traffic tour partners web stores by combining the technology, interesting content and intuitive user experience. All these together guarantee highly converting leads for our partners.

1:1 personalization

Our technology understands that every client is different. We want our users to have unique customer experience, even while shopping online. That is why we interpret the global trends and data from each user, making their customer journey special.

If you are looking for sportswear:

Save time & money while shopping online

deele makes online shopping easy and cheap. We gather all the products from different retailers in our database and present them to the end-users in a unique way, so they always get what they are looking for. It doesn't matter if the user's intention is to look for the highest discounts, most trending products or some specific items, our search and recommendations engine presents those products accordingly.

Catch deals up to -60%
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Sales up to -60%

Great deels on your favourite streetwear and sports brands, both on sneakers and apparel!
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Hot drops

Are you a sneaker head? Hunting for the hottest deals and new arrivals?
We have it all!
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All shops in one place

We co-operate with verified online retailers, and present their products in one place, making online shopping easy!

Meet our team

Piotr Radziwon
CEO, Co-Founder
Tamara Bolsewicz
COO, Co-Founder
Mateusz Płatek
CTO, Co-Founder
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+63 9564136965

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